Monday, August 24, 2009

Snacks and a Shower

Eva--five weeks old :)

This is Sally--our turtle. When it rains I set the container out on the sidewalk so she can get some fresh rain and air.

Saturday afternoon it rained and we spent the whole afternoon outside under the carport with Big E's butterflies. She can catch a butterfly in a heartbeat! She will say, "I am going to get that white one, and his name is chuck"
So, she had a butterfly in each container that you can see behind her on the picnik bench.
(of course she lets them go--they do not suffocate)

While we were playing outside we had a yummy snack of fried okra! :) I love fried okra. Last summer my mama always fried them for me (b/c I could not do it right). This summer I make the breading and Andy fries them up for us! :)
Fried okra is extra yummy with a beer.


Melissa said...

My dad reads your blog because we aren't updating as much and he is trying to avoid fried okra :). My dad and Morgan's dad told us to update more.

Eva looks like you!

PS I have read the Emily Giffin books=she is fantastic!

Bethany said...

Hi! Love Big E's haircut! Nothing beats a bob on a little girl. :) Has she started playschool again? Your turtle is very lucky to have a conscientious owner... Carports are great for rainy days. ;)