Friday, August 21, 2009

After the haircut...

There's the ...
After haircut!! of course!!

The front...

left side...

final product!

Right side..

After 10 months of not having a haircut --I went on in for a good ole mommy bob today.
The only problem with this semi-routine experience is that

my only request in the world is a cute mommy bob...
How hard can that possibly be? I take pictures of this haircut in with me. I see women walking around with it EVERY DAY!!
And yet, somehow, only one person has EVER been able to cut my hair.
It is, I think some curse that was placed on me--fairy tale style.

This is the reason that I have to come home and {tearfully} proceed to improve upon the mess that was made in the {beauty} shop.
I cut some off of that side--and big lump off the other side...I can't reach the back --so that'll just have to look crappy til--well, i guess 10 mos. from now.
You know--I WAS NOT TRAINED TO CUT HAIR. If I were I would make 50 dollars in 30 mins. with mis manos y two blades. So I cannot fix my crappy haircut..I have no idea why I do this--i have done it since i was a little girl!
Andy knows this is what happens every time.
Today his comment was, "Susan, it is really not that bad"
He has also said before, "Well, you do this every time...and you keep doing it! I don't understand why you want this short-butch haircut that never comes out right, just stop trying and let your hair grow" (must've been really bad that time)
I have also cried in the beauty shop--out of frustration--several times.
Usually I never give the person a second chance. Most of them have said, "well, now, if you do not like this come back in and i will fix it..."
ugh..i made the appt for NOW. please tell me when I will manage to come back in here with three kids and get this "fixed"
Besides that I don't know how to tell them to "fix it"
"This piece over here sticks out--bad--just like it was when I left here--so ugh...would you want to look like this?" Is that how i would say it?
So, I just show up there tom. when she is cutting hair back to back, with my 3 children..and get my messed up haircut, "fixed".
ummm...I am thinking that she was just being nice. She did not really mean that.
She will be thinking "I cannot believe that crazy b!tch is back in here --and with three damn kids--can she not read our sign about sharp stuff?, sh*#!"
That is what she will think...not so nice.
So, this haircut will grow out...until ..hmmm...february?? probably.
Then I will go and suffer on this quest to get my damn mommy bob.
I will take in my pictures... I will explain... they will give me a shitty haircut.

Elena, on the other hand, got the cutest haircut ever! From the same person...hers took 15 minutes, and mine took 45.
I look like ramona quimby age 31--not kidding.


Bethany said...

Hair, schmair - who gives a care? You have fabulous tatas! :) Did that work? Feel any better? You made me want to sponsor your trip to ATL so you could see my hair magician. Only one ever. So I know what you mean. I can never leave here, I would have to put up w/ bad cuts for life. Honestly, you are very cute and so is your hair. For reals. ;) It's just the postpartum funk getting you down. xoxo

Susan said...

thanks bethany! :)
I tell ya what...In February--when it's time for the next haircut adventure--I will come to Atlanta! :)

A Beautiful Mess said...

your hair does the same thing that mine does...that flippy thing. You have to flatiron the crap out of the flippy piece, and then you will like your cute bob.

I think it looks are so funny asking for a cute mommy bob. I am trying not to have mommy hair yet it is what I always end up with!!

holy sh*t my blogger word is "hymen" now that should make you laugh!! Of all the blogs I have posted on yours is the first with an actual word...and a girl part no less!! LMAO!

Susan said...

LMAO-that is funny!

I does mommy bob translate into freakin BOWL CUT!!
I also made reference to a hazel know, like I want it smooth, like a hazel nut..

Then, I thought, last should never assume that the hair girl knows her nuts. she might be thinking..okay lady..whatever in the hell a hazel nut is! :)

I always use the nut reference..maybe it's time to ditch that one.