Friday, September 25, 2009

A spanish lesson--gratis! y mas

Of course the "y mas' part is coming first b/c I always put the stuff up here backwards!!
This is just sweet picture of my daddy with just melts my heart to be honest! ;).

These are the scuppernong grapes that my daddy brought over for us. Eva likes to suck on these...of course we are super cautious! but it is sweet to see her little expression when she is chupando y getting that sweet grape juice! :)

Ponche (punch--pronounced pone-chay again, with accent on the first syllable)
This one cracks me up. This little soda came from Food Lion (or lion food as v. man says it) and the spanish translation for tropical punch had this little gem ..
ponche for cute.
sort of reminds me of a mexican cuss word, though.
the soda comes fromt the dominican republic...i guess they say ponche there.

Junque (pronounced Jun-kay with the accenton the first syllable)
means just what is in the picture-- junk.

Did you learn some Spanish? The junque y ponche part mostly just cracks me up...these are cognates that have come about from Mexicans being in the U.S. is what I think--not the ponche part but the junque one for sure. Love it! oh and dumpe is another one that Camelia taught me...guess what the dumpe is....

Okay..y'all have a good weekend.


Laura Smith said...

You crack me up!!!! Eva is so pretty!

Bethany said...

Muchas gracias! I like those cognates too - funny. Very sweet of Eva and your Dad...