Thursday, September 24, 2009

The straw....

no, i am not referring to my top layer of wild mommy bob...
i am talking about the one that broke the camel's back.

i will start with a description of our dear bakery.
local business.
butterfly cookies with sprinkles.
pumpkin shaped cookies with orange sprinkles.
homemade donuts.
cheese straws.
ummm..some kind of good chocolate cakes.
cake squares with tons of icing.
This bakery has had the same things --staples--forever.
when I was little these things were VERY SPECIAL TREATS around our house.
For example, when it's the great pumpkin charlie brown came on each year...we got a pumpkin cookie.
So--you know i love this place.
well, when the original owners wanted to retire they sold the business.
..who was smart enough to keep the old recipes, smart enough to remodel and make it look very cute inside...
but he is obviously too dumb to realize that acting feisty and fussing at customers and being rude and smart mouthy---is not a good way to do business around here.
we don't appreciate the soup nazi personality.

Most people I talk to have had some type of altercation or mishap with this man.
We take the abuse b/c we want our staple sweets...
A couple people have told me that they just hate him, won't go in there and they buy their cakes from wal-hell's bakery.

I was holding out....
until today. :(

He was so mean to me and out of line. First he told me that I was not allowed to order a sandwich and split it with a I can order whatever i want and divide it however in the hell many times i want to --bring me my fuck!ing turkey sandwich.
Then when I said, "so y'all cant make a sandwich and cut it in half?" (we were not asking for another plate...or more chips...or anything).
He just went this, "okay, just listen to me, just calm down (I was being calm), just let me tell you..blah blah. (in a yankee voice etc)
What did he bring out, you might ask yourself...
A turkey sandwich cut in half.
He was so ugly.
**This is the part where Morgan would have told his a$$ off really bad.
***I'm telling my mama on him--for sure!

So was my last brownie bakery purchase.

Note to mean a$$ bakery man--after you make an ass of yourself and treat your customers like sh! is really hard to make it up (he did try by bringing water, and free tea refills and giving e. some donut holes) did not work.

I cannot say I had not been warned.


Anonymous said...

That is horrible but I enjoyed your story! I love that you got free pumpkin cookies on the Great Pumpkin night. Good grief! (hah, I didn't even write good grief on purpose? Get it!!)

Bethany said...

Those cheese straws and chocolate covered doughnts are my favorite memories... Icky, icky man. Write to the editor!!!! :)

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

You should have told his Yankee ass off Susan!!!!!!