Sunday, October 4, 2009

Double post on Sunday! :)

*I just got finished watching the amazing race. I love that show!! It TORTURES ANDY. but he almost always watches it with me. so sweet. :)

*He has informed me that i pick the crappiest shows and movies. interestingly we just suffered through the movie, "open your eyes" this movie was on in the cinema when i was in spain and i never went to see it. i don't like dark stuff or scary stuff or stuff about crazy people...none of that. so for some reason i picked this movie off of netflix..i guess i forgot what it was. well, turns out, we had already also seen the american version of this movie with doo doo tom cru!s3. when we went to the theater to see it i got picked on soooo badly by andy and joyce and WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I SUFFER THROUGH THIS AGAIN!? 3/4 of the way into the movie we i realized what it was. we laughed. i wanted to cut it off. andy said no, he wanted to see the rest. guess who was snoring in three minutes! ha!

*Eva is about 10 weeks old now. boy is she sweeeeettt!
our favorite song together is "happy girl" --who sings that? martina mcbride maybe?

*we bought harvest ale or some beer for tonight and it was s*box--not good, just a gimmick (from the blue moon makers) not good.

*Plaza sesamo comes on the pbs channel here on sat. afternoons! yay! i love it! i have to trick elena to see if she understands spanish. i just start saying a bunch of stuff and then ask her a question. if she answers, she understood me.
(she does not want to speak spanish, or understand it!) with its lessons... you know just b/c i love languages..does not mean my children will.
"why is big bird green in spanish", she asked me ayer.

*we walked in the crop walk today. my children meandered. they forced me to take it slow and really enjoy our walk through all of downtown, which is really a cool place. victor had to take little rest stops whenever he saw a cute sit down spot. it took us a bit to figure out that it was the cute spot that was important, not the rest. "why dont you ride in the stoller to rest?" we asked...well, now. the stoller is not a cute little rest spot...hello!!


Bethany said...

That is such a great pic of you & bebe E! Heartily agree re: harvest moon beer. I like reg. blue, but yeah... ick to harvest. They roped me in, too. You always surprise me w/ your show picks. The only reality show I watch is idol... :) There are some really good new shows this fall!
Oh, and I didn't know my girls were learngin spanish in pre-K. Isabella spouted off the months & counted to 10

Susan said...

Isnt tv just a guilty pleasure? i mean i would never have guessed that you watch american idol BETHANY!! ahhh!!