Monday, October 12, 2009


okay, so i am not doing a giveaway...YET.
but i am trying to come up with a creative one to do.
creative is key here...
it will come.
anyway. until that day comes head over to "a beautiful mess"
and go to the giveaway that I just entered via her blog.
does that make sense?
a cool mama is over there giving away a chance to win a cool dress from a cool etsy shop...why not enter?
i am also really really eyeing those lemon dresses that are listed on that etsy summer...two little girls...uh huh.
maryellen--some of those would also be cool for hannah.
i'm just sayin.

my fingers are crossed.

also: my eyes are a little teary and my stomach a little flippy b/c friday i go back to work!!!
exciting, but nerve wrecking/racking at the same time.
here is the business i would like to start:
pilgreen plaza--we would have a cool book store, a great kids' shoes store called {petit feet} and a food place --this food place would be like mama cooks the menu of the day and if you want supper you pull up and buy supper for everyone in your family..she does this already anyway for lots of people, she just does not charge money.
last thursday her pot of beans fed four households!! she even passed mine through the car window complete with ham biscuits and little cokes.
doesn't pilgreen plaza sound like a fun place?

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Bethany said...

I have been looking for pilgreen plaza ever since these kids came along! That is my idea of heaven - driving up and being handed a dinner that required no thought or planning. And we always need shoes too. Of course I always need a book! :) From a family of good cooks, I sadly missed that gene. That is so funny that your mom already does that for real. :)