Saturday, January 30, 2010

The clean up witch

I have mentioned this before, but since its first mention the clean up witch has risen to a new level.
Now, on Friday and Saturday mornings when I mop the kitchen floor I almost ALWAYS have to be the clean up witch.
My children love it.
It all started one day when I was feeling truly witchy in that tired mama sort of way and I pretended to be a witch and shoo my kids away at the kitchen door with the mop...they DIED laughing.
Now we do it everytime.
Yesterday I had on a facemask that looks scary, a shower cap on my head (I was conditioning). So, I looked very scary, believe me!
The gate to my castle...

The confiscated goods...

There's that duck again, this time as my hostage in the kitchen...hee hee hee!!

And then the evil witch puts everyone to work scrubbing cabinets!! hee hee hee {this is the evil hee hee}

They really love helping! :)I wonder how long that will last?

Elena snapped a foto of the evil clean up witch..but the witch erased it! It was horrid!

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Bethany said...

Cute!! It cracks me up how they took evil mommy and made it a game. Phoenix was whiney (usual!) and I roared at him in a stress-relieving way - he thought it was HI-larious... Yay for your little helpers! It lasts - Cole is 8 & still loves helping. Maybe we can work this until teens?? ;-)