Friday, February 26, 2010

A party and a trip

In the past two weekends we have had two adventures of note:
1. A party in Grandma Eva's honor. The folks at the nursing home wanted to celebrate her two years of service having Sunday school lessons taught by her.

One sunday Andy and I took the children to visit Grandma Eva and she was in the middle of her teaching and she ran us off! :) She is dedicated. She will be 97 soon. This week they announced that the ownership of her nursing home is changing hands and they are going to switch all the rooms around and that Grandma Eva's room will be changed. She will be devastated, to say the least. Things like this make little ladies cry and become upset.
2. We went to see our good friends Shannon and Joel in the country. We love to go and visit them. They are sooooo much fun to hang out with. Our children entertain one another wonderfully.

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