Friday, March 26, 2010

fotos del cumpleanyos

We had so much fun all day yesterday celebrating Elena's birthday.
I went to her school. When it was time to blow out the candles she and I were both so emotional that she could not even blow the candles out!
In her class they sing all the verses of happy birthday.
They old are you? then, We all love you, then May God bless you...
ohhh...!! It really is an emotional thing for a room full of people to be singing that to you!
So Andy and I helped her and we all three blew the candles out.
For her gifts... a very cool DS case that I got for her off of ETSY, and two DS games from Grandma, and the cutest doll baby that laughs from Nana.
Last night we went out to eat Mexican food the restaurant people sang to her! She was absolutely MORTIFIED! She hated it!--she does not like to be focused upon.

Imagine her surprise tomorrow when we have a SURPRISE birthday party play date with her friends from school--the girls only...
You see it all gets complicated b/c I had to throw her off the surprise by going in to her class...
So now, by the time we finish celebrating we will have done this three times! hee hee!
I am having fun with it this year, though...and I think she will have fun taking her friends hiking in the woods and playing with them in the playhouse etc.

Okay..i am off to check on Eva--she should be awake from her nap... a ver..

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