Saturday, March 20, 2010

Note to {old,freaky} men....

Consider yourself off limits please.
When you are out and about on Saturday and you feel like interacting with
your fellow man...
Don't pick children to be the people you interact with.
Why in the world do {old,freaky} men ALWAYS want to
interact with my children?
I think they want to interact with children period.
My children NEVER want to interact with the freaky old men.

When we went to lowe's to buy plants while ago it was as if someone had
announced over the loud speaker:
There is a mom, by herself shopping for pavers in the garden section...
Would all the old men please meet up over there so you can freak her damn kids out...
I really think that is what was almost comical by the end...
There was the younger guy with the really thick glasses who tried to help put
v-man in the cart ...THIS IS A BIG NO-NO!! Victor would never dare let some strange dude
pick him up...he might kick the strange dude and run out into the traffic screaming to get away from the strange dude...but let the fellow hold him...oh h#ll no!
Then there was teeny little old black man with the cateracts...He was coming for the cart mumbling something unintelligble--of course he was saying something about cute..
I am quite sure that my stay the hell away face was not cute to him..
Then I reminded myself--oh god, susan, this is a teeny little old man!! be SWEET!
So I did.
THEN--no lie...when we were wheeling the cart to the car some old dude who walked like a video game character and had wild eyes came running over with whatever he had to say.
Every time one of them approached the weight in the cart (about 100lbs) shifted away from the stranger, and all three butts rose up out of the bottom of the cart (escape mode)
No one else feels the need to do this...WTF--young men mostly do not do this. ladies, do not do this...
Only {old,freaky looking} men.

Someone needs to do a public service announcement about this. :)

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Bethany said...

once again, I love the funky new flowers along the side of your blog! And what IS it w/ lowes and the fraky old men?! We have one at our lowes that always talks and follows us, and tells us the same damn story every time... how his kids are grown, how he will trade us for a little one. And all the while, ours try to avoid him & they just stare. Never will talk to him, and we dash down aisles trying to get away! Freaky....