Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is a big no no BUT

I think we are going to have to let Victor wear a speedo this summer!
He gets a rash in between his little legs--not b/c they are fat (that was why I got that when I was little) but b/c the bathing suit gets wet and sandy and rubs a rash on him.
Victor does not take this well, and I do not blame him!
It hurts like h#ll to have a burning rash b/t the legs and still have to run around.
So, since his legs are skinny, if he had a speedo he could play and play and not worry about the rash.

What do y'all think?
I am thinking this is going to happen...regardless, really of what anyone thinks.

I am off to search for little boys' speedos...woo hoo--now this is something I trully thought I would never do. ;)


Bethany said...

The mental image is making me grin. Do what you gotta do! That is so uncomfortable! Apparently Ph. will be a nudist. he has developed eczema in the diaper area - and b/c its always moist there - it is hard to heal. Naked boy time, I guess... Or maybe speedo?!

Susan said...

i'll do it if you'll do it! :)
let me know when you find one.
i googled it last night..and you can guess the kind of crap that popped up!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I say go for it and PLEASE post a pic of that cutie pie in his speedo!!!!!