Tuesday, June 15, 2010


For the summer I am going to do a little series, the ABC's of Summer it will be called.
So here goes! :)
A--if for Afternoons. During the school year in the afternoon I am pretty much worn out. I am in for the home stretch of cooking, bathing, reading, and then sleeping. During the summer, the afternoon is just round five of the long day! We have all rested up {or not} and then we head out to the river to swim til supper.
B--is for Blackberries! and probably lots of other stuff, but we have black berries right now, and we are going to make a blackberry cake for Andy for his birthday.
C--is for Cousins. My sister came yesterday--she is a teacher too. So, in the summer our children can see each other {hopefully} a little more. When I was little I would go and stay with my aunts for a week or so each summer--they were teachers too. We would play and play in the lake and just hang out. All of my cousins are so much older than I, so they would be at college or something...or having a wedding or something.
I guess I will do three letters a week--when Z rolls around...
Well, I am not going to think about that today. ;).

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Bethany said...

You go with your ABC's mama. B is for baseball bat, with which Phoenix is chasing the kids.