Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drama at the gym

I finally went to the gym this morning...have not been since MLK day.
Well, I had finished working out, and I was comtemplating going into this aerobics Kick your A$$ class, and this girl who I work with came in.
I was getting water.
She looked at me and said, "Do you know where you are?"
I wanted to drop kick her!!
You have to know a bit about this person to really understand why this is annoying.
First of all she is a yankee...she is from Pennsylvania.
So she has that yankee face and that yankee accent that can make even simple commentary into annoying ramble--not to mention when she is OFFENDING THE CRAP OUT OF YOU.
Second of all she is 20 something--newly married to a fellow yankee and has no children. So she has NO IDEA what it might be like to gain 50 lbs. and have to get it all off and have to work in gym time around the goings on of a family life.
Third of all--did I mention the tight yankee face and the yankee accent?????
Fourth--she went to one of those little --never heard of it never wanted to Bible colleges in Penn. and she THINKS SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING!!
Well, if you really knew it all you would not be so dumb as to constantly criticize the people/culture you live among, or be so ignorant as to think that b/c we speak with a {very beautiful} accent that we are all dumb--I went to UNC --TWICE!!--YOU

So I could not believe that she would say this.
I am not the queen of comebacks--Morgan--I need to carry a mini you in my pocket!! :)
I said, "well, yes, Jenna, I do come to the gym"--I did have a sarcastic/you just hurt my feelings and I am about to cry tone {at least}.

I have news for this little prissy pot--she has wide hips just like me. She is going to have children one day too...and her ass is gonna be working outside the home just like me--she is a TEACHER and so is her husband. So just get ready --you little sh!t. Your day is coming.
But, b/c I do not go around hurting feelings--if she is still gracing us with her yankee presence then--I will be nice to her.
Hopefully, by then I will have convinced her that she should take that pathway to yankee heaven--hwy 95-- and go back to pennsylvania. I try to do this every time we talk.
I really talk up the moving home bit--maybe it will work out for her and all of the "dumb redneck" people she teaches too.

Have a great day everyone!!


The Sigmons said...

freakin' hilarious, susan! you should have said "do you know that you are in nc and not pennsylvania?" don't worry, her time is coming!

Bethany said...

That is just so wrong, in so many ways! Why did we not get the quick-comeback gene?! SO unfair. Keep up the PA hype. It has to work one day. Isn't it getting warmer there? Kinda?? ;-)