Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Weekend

After another successful change of scenery, Andy and I agreed tonight that the best part of going out of town is getting home!
Even the baby shared this sentiment.
When we picked her up from Grandma's and we brought her in, she just wanted to walk around the coffee table. :)

The weekend was a blast --pictures, as always, are coming.
Andy drove the whole time.
I read. :)
We drove across the whole state, and our two oldest children saw the mountains for the first time.
The mountains are absolutely enchanting when one comes from a place that is flat as a pancake.

We went to the wedding and I had my fingers crossed that I might have a run in with a famous person {Steve Martin} --but no..He was not at the wedding.
The groom, Woody, is the singer in the band St33p Canyon Rangers. The band plays with Steve Martin when he is being a musician. I was thinking up a post to entertain Melissa, but no SM afterall...oh well, the old friends and visiting were enough.

Our children were at the wedding with us, which meant we were there until 10:00 and then we bolted. :)
Perfect for me --10:00 is my {bedtime} --and these days, I don't think there is a social event on the planet that trumps bedtime.

Okay..i am off to read my Marie Claire--my chica is on the cover!! T@ylor Swift. ;)

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Bethany said...

Very cool!! bedtime comes whether we try to put it off or not. Wherever I am sitting, it falls on me. :) I am picturing little E being happy to be home. Hey - the library called - The Lacuna is in!