Monday, July 5, 2010


Last night we went out!! It was spur of the moment. LB had invited us, but I was not sure that we would be able to go out.
BUT I got the children all ready for bed, and then my Dad came over and babysat until after midnight! :)
Sweet Daddy.

We went out on the boat and watched the fireworks on the waterfront.
Then we went out to the bars here...we were the only people in the bars!!
Apparently the party happened downtown BEFORE the fireworks show.
It was absolutely beautiful--the fireworks show and the starlight driving in the boat from the waterfront back to the country club on the boat after our fun.
So fun.
That was EXACTLY what I needed.
If there is a holiday--I want to celebrate it the right way.
If there is something actually going on--I want to participate.
Last night, we got to! Yippie

Also on the topic of fun.
Check out Elena getting her ears pierced!
She picked out Hello kitty earrings at Claire's--they have cool piercing studs these
She told me she wanted to do I took her.
She is in love with her earrings! She wakes up and says, "Well, I still have my earrings! :)"

If anyone out in bloggy land is contemplating getting a little girl's ears pierced {or two} --I highly recommend Claire's. They were super-sweet to Elena. They had one girl on each side of her so it only had to hurt once. She teared up pretty big, but as soon as they showed her in the mirror...she beamed! :)

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