Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Girls' Club

This week the girls club--{Elena, Eva, and Me}-- is headed to the beach!
The boys' club members will enjoy a visit with a boy cousin.
Andy has all boy cousins on his side.
I have all girl cousins on mine.
So, when Andy's sister and her newest baby boy {3 weeks old} made a visit, we decided that
the boys would stay here to visit and the girls would go to the beach.
My mama will be there too!
Oh, and rounding out the girls' club?--{MY DAD} HA!
He is so used to being surrounded by girls, this is no biggie to him. ;).

I think it is gonna be fun.
One small hurdle--we gotta make Eva's one year old apt. at the dr. today, and then we are off!

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Bethany said...

Niiice!! Please say hello to Laura for me, and congrats on the new little one! I still have a picture of her in my head, playing WHS soccer - whoa, outdated! :) Have fun, girl's club!!