Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Kindergarten Bucket List {version XX}

Okay, so in the past two weeks Elena has:
**Gotten her ears pierced
*Swam across the deep end un-aided
**Wriggled a tooth on the bottom!
*Decided she wants to shower independently
**Gotten up and dressed not only herself, but her baby doll as well
*Decided that she must ride her bicycle with no training wheels--this will happen
the next opportunity we have to take her bike to grandma's house and do it. ;)

She is just getting so growny. She automatically holds the door for me when we get home from being out and about, as I always have my arms full.

The tooth thing freaked us both out..but you know, she is FIVE. And when I was FIVE I lost a tooth!

It is all very exciting to me. I do not show my emotion about it all too much..other than that of excitement. She needs me to be {excited} and that is what I will be 100% {in front of her}.
It is interesting that all of these have happened, no lie, over two weeks.
It really is as if she had a kindergarten bucket list.


Bethany said...

You go, sweet E! That is BIG stuff!

Anonymous said...

That is so neat!

Laura Smith said...

Susan--that is so neat! However, I can't believe it! Kindergarten!!! Wow time has gone very fast! She (and all of yours)are so beautiful!