Thursday, July 29, 2010

mystery bag...

This is WHERE I was cleaning up:

This is what I found:

This is what I knew:
One day Andy "cleaned out his car."
Which means...he gathered up all the misc. stuff that was in his car, put the stuff in the plastic bag (to the left), and then he threw the whole shebang up into the top of V-man's closet. ;).
Nice, huh?
Gotta love the Andy-style cleanup--and one must be quite vigilant too when he gets on a "clean up" streak.
You never know, this time we got lucky--there might have been some food in there!

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Bethany said...

That's funny... surprising how small that bag is, too. He must keep it clean in there - ie, the kids don't ride in there often!Reminds me of my neighbor Rach. She cleans out her car, throws it all in a box, puts box in garage. Repeat. Then, a year later when she cleans out the garage - voila! Boxes of stuff...
When I clean out my car, I always find a Mystery Chicken Nugget under the backseat. And a few Mystery Straws, Mystery lollipop sticks... maybe even some Mystery jelly beans or raisins...