Saturday, July 17, 2010

Old-timey Medicine

Does anyone remember Mercurachrome and Merthiolate? They were things to put on boo boos and they were red. One of them burned and one of them did not. This is what we used when I was little at my house. They both had mercury in them! Ha!
The other picture is of some soap I found for the face con acne in the drugstore here...not the chain drug store sino our old timey one. So far I really like this soap. It is called cuticura (skin curer), and it is blue, and it costs.....
2.63 --that's right, two dollars and sixty three cents!!
What a hoot, no? Here I was thinking you had to go to the Kiehls's counter at N-strom's to get some good face soap--and there it is a 2.63 bar of soap...that is a skin curer..a ver si sirve (let's see if it works) I really hope it does.
Oh, and remember we had baby aspirin? My sister and I loved the way it tasted and my sister would climb up on the cabinet and get us a couple every now and then as a little snack. ;) Yum!

Now, we have bactine....which, to me, is a cure-all!

Okay--my camera messed up a bit--it's not in the mood to share with the computer right now, so I cannot put the other pictures up here. --when I do I will post more.

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