Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spain Won! :) {the semifinals:)}

Okay, y'all know that I have no team spririt.
The spirit I do have is the rambling one.
So, I basically would like to just roam around the globe and live different places.
Having three children and four grandparents and a strong sense of duty to place and people--I cannot indulge this spirit {yet}. ;).
So, when I saw these flip flops in U$ W33kly I decided to splurge and get them for myself. (y'all know that Andy and I have {no money} right?)
So, then Spain won the world cup!! So cool!
Now the dilemna is should I walk around in these with my big ole Earl the Squirrel feet all summer? Or should I keep them, as some kind of memorabilia?
I am leaning towards sporting them, as collecting is something I try to limit, lest I find myself hanging out on one of those hoarding shows.
Hope the picture has loaded. ;).


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Wear them girlie! I am all about using and wearing the stuff you love NOW, no need to save it! Love you and glad things are going better!!!

Bethany said...

Here's to another {someday} rambling spirit! :) Wear the flops!!! missed you this week - I'm back & catching up...