Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett

This book was just exactly how everyone I have talked to said it would be.  It was wonderful.
It was a really enticing story...just the story telling --very good, at the same time it was telling some really
interesting and important history.
It was about black americans in the south working domestically...but it was not written in a facty facty way...
the story revealed the facts sublty.

My mama has always told me stories about the "help" on their farm.
They were all black people.  The women raised her when her mama was at work, teaching school.
So, reading this book brought about a lot of questioning in my mind.
This history, in my family, is not so far in the past.
I have met the people that helped on my grandaddy's farm--they all moved to N.Jersey {curiously}-- ;), and they came to visit at my Aunt Mary's house one Christmas.  I was a little girl.  I barely remember them...I know their names...Pearly Mae and T.
There is so much more to much!
Time to get askin'
I wish my mama would read this book, maybe she will.

Now. For myself, reading about how the young white women in the story acted and how they {treated} the help....I just cannot imagine it.
I really do not like for someone to clean up my mess.... much less would I ever take it for granted (even if I were paying the person).
Isn't it interesting how so much can change in a generation?
My expectations of motherhood, cleanliness (or lack thereof), "help" etc.
Very interesting.

okay..I am off to ponder something else now...Morgan, I really do recommend this book! ;).


Bethany said...

My SIL was reading this while we were in Cleveland, and has been after me to read it. We had a similar discussion then, about generational behavior/prejudice... the perception of southerners and their "help" etc. I'll read it & post too, - it's interesting, huh. Happy Friday!

jennbland said...

Hey Susan!

You and your babies are just plain gorgeous!

I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved how much history was slipped in without me having to notice it too much. And I recognized a few of those white girls in my own circles today. I think it's amazing how much can change in a short amount of time but also how much doesn't change because people refuse to allow it. People can't be as blatantly bigoted as the girls in the book these days but that doesn't mean its not still in their hearts and minds to some extent -- which is always a shock to me. Ok, enough of that soap box, I really loved this book, too bad it was such a fast read!

jennbland said...

Hey Susan,

You and your babies are just plain gorgeous!

I enjoyed this book so much! The storytelling made it fly by and I was so sad when it was over. I hate to say that I still see some of the white girls in the book in my circle of friends these days -- hopefully all on the distant fringes. They aren't as blatant in their bigotry as the women in the book but it's still there, unfortunately...

Susan said...

Jenn, I think you are right, and the people who don't get it {might} not ever...we can always cross our fingers. ;)