Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today we went to the beach
It was the last day of summer vacation for me.
Andy stayed here with Eva and I went to Emerald Isle/Salter Path with Elena and Victor.  The water is warm and calm there.  They were both able to go in with me.
I got to spend several hours of my last day hanging out with two friends, drinking some beers, and chatting.
Mostly we were wondering who our children will have for Kindergarten teachers...which I will find out tomorrow. ;).
I am ready for routine, but for some reason the end of my summer vacation always feels so---important.
I start to really feel emotional about all that has happened over the summer, how my children have changed etc.
Everything is such a whirlwind at the start of a school year.
Hold on tight....it is passing us by!!!

Oh, and the pictures of Eva are demonstrating her baby big stuff persona.  She likes to feed herself cereal and don't you DARE try to help her!! and she enjoys sporting her sister's plastic jewelry --which she can put on by HERSELF thank you very much, and also--her sister's flip-flops..yeah that'll do (notice I had not used her sister's BRUSH to brush her hair out of her eyes yet.  That's pretty good to be able to do all that with a lock of hair hanging in your eyes!   Not sure I could. :).

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Melissa said...

They are all so cute! By the way, my friend just recommended and then loaned me "Star Island". I am enjoying it!