Sunday, August 29, 2010

The weekend....

Well, let's see....
Andy was out of town working this weekend.  ALL WEEKEND--as in he left on Thursday at 5:00 AM and got back on Sunday at 5:00 PM.
Ugghhh...since he left we have had:
one violin lesson
one soccer practice (which I had to coach b/c Andy was not here.  YIKES!  I am not a sporty all!)
a hair cut and a shoe shop (we waited behind seven customers in the line in Stride Rite)  in DURHAM
and the
of the new Sunday School year....
whew...that is ENOUGH for this Mama!
We are all glad that Andy is home. ;)
I was rescued by a phone call this afternoon --an invitation to play for the afternoon--and get out of the house.

ENOUGH--ojala que se vayan a la cama ya--andy is putting them to bed.

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