Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary

to these other two items which have been hanging out in our household since Andy and I started out in an
apartment in Dominion Ramsgate in Carrboro!

The lovely, non-descript Hoover Vacuum (the one that my Mama got for me b/c I needed one and it was on sale at K-Mart) --who needs all that fancy filtering stuff anyway??? I mean really--I better not talk it up too much...we know what might happen..shhhh...
When we need belts---we really have to search.  When I find them I buy like four! :) ha!
The other lovely is my dish is beginning to have some spots where the plastic that covers the metal is ...disintegrating....nah..maybe not, and even if it is..can't you buy some stuff to repair that anyway???
I do tend to get {attached}, and y'all know I cannot STAND to have to go to wal{he!!} to buy stuff!

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