Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday news...

I am posting just to post right now.
I feel like I should.
There have been so many posts going around in my the middle of the night.
Then when I wake up and get ready to write them--poof! They are gone...or they
aren't so great.

One was about camp
One was about my moment in the car the other day with the warm sun coming in the window, waiting in line to pick up Elena, by myself, reading US Weekly, and listening to Bob Seger's song --the one about making out in the woods when you are young..that one (I never know titles).--See that might have been the whole post, but really there is a a lot more to how much I loved that moment, and for some reason I was crying..etc. etc.  But really, I cannot write it now.
Then there is another great post I want to write about Liberty.  It is about Tunisia, and about Egypt, and about our values, and the values our gov't puts out there for {strategic interests??}, and our values for real --liberty being the root of it all, no?  The post is about how I am rooting for all of those people and {THEIR} gov't y ojala can it be for the people and by the people-if that is what those people want, OJALA! (If you are reading this, and you want to say this Spanish word, you say it like this, o ha la--it means something like God willing--if God wills it, and I am almost certain that it is a word that the Spaniards kept from the Arabs when the Arabs left Spain in 1492) I listened for a while to Diane Rehm the other day and her panel was all about was really good.
One question asked, rhetorically--or perhaps not, why are the news people in the US calling the people rioters--and not demonstrators?   Good question, I thought to myself.  Good question.  I, for my part, and cheering on the people--That question was posed a week ago, now, on the news, the people in the streets are being called, "demonstrators."  Interesting. 
So I guess I just wrote that post. :)

Now I am waiting for a friend to get here to play...ummm..I thought we said one oclock--she has not come yet, and it is 1:23--calm down type A girl, it is a PLAY DATE after all, no. :)

Have a great week!

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