Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Four years ago today...

This post has been done before--except last year it said, "three years ago today"  or something similar.
Andy and I were at our house in Graham.
Elena was at her Nana's house in Washington.
I had gone to the doctor...it was a Thursday, not a Tuesday.
The doctor had assured me that, with the help of Castor oil, I would be
back at the hospital to have the baby that night.
That was all it took.
I spent the afternoon laboring (among other things that happen when one consumes Castor oil).
That night, at about this time, we left--ahead of a violent March rain/wind storm.
We got all cozied up in the hospital, and I began to pace.
V-Man shot out --{for real} into the nurse's arms on the Friday...
But four years ago right now...I was about to have a baby--a boy baby at that! (What
a rarity for my family)

Today, he is sugar to me.
After twos and threes...the fourth year has completed itself so charmingly.
He can {most of the time} listen to reason.
He loves to snuggle me and say sweet stuff to me.
When Andy makes him mad--he runs straight into my arms. :)--this goes both ways of course, and several times a day.
Victor is very --well, he has a temper.  There is no other way to say it.
BUT--just as much as he has a temper--he is sweet like sugar.   So, I guess this can be
summed up as passion. :)

I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing --just like last year.
We are going to have a school party tomorrow, and then a family party tom. night.

ahhh...the birthday season...
ahhh...the memories of birthing babies...

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Bethany said...

Happy B-day to a sweet handsome fellow!! I love birthing recollections, and anyway, we all forget in the intervening year. ;) And, I forget that he's just a year older than Phoenix - wot?! They sound a lot alike. Have a wonderful party and family time, celebrating your boy...