Wednesday, March 16, 2011

La parte dos

This is me posting...b/c I want some gratification.
This is me after a day of birthday party {ies}.
The top fotos show me being {super mom}.
Andy was taking the fotos.
He said, and I {quote}.."you, know, putting the b-day party together is a mom thing"
This might not have been a good thing for him to have said...time {and hormones} will tell.
The top ones show...
The class visitation..the goody bags..the homemade game...the patience...the reading of the book. :) :)
The bottom Daddy with Eva. :)
Andy's Mama and his Sister enjoying a second portion of my home made cake.
Even though his sister has that look on her face..she was enjoying it too...look at their hands.
You know, she is a lot like me..and she does not sit around with a Strawberry shortcake look on her face at all times..even though she is a sweet person. :)
I love her.
Victor is four.  It is official..every bit of the XX in me kicked in..and he had the {appropriate} celebration.

I {guess} I would not have it any other way???

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Bethany said...

{Super Mom} did it again! Look at Pat's face, if Laura doesn't eat that cake, she is all over it! Drooling here, over the thought of your homemade cake... mmm. I hear you on all counts. We wouldn't have any of it any other way, and yet I know the feeling at the end of a {long} busy birthday. ;-) And I always feel like I accomplished something big, to make it thru another child Bday! Why do they consider it a total Mom thing?