Sunday, April 3, 2011

The look in the eyes

Andy and I are watching the Civil War..the documentary by Ken Burns.
It is very interesting.  In case you have not noticed yet, almost everything is very
interesting to me. :)
Well, we were just discussing the fotos on the documentary of the people.
We were saying how you could tell so much about the people by
the look in their eyes.
If you are also watching this, notice it.

Abraham Lincoln has a very deep {good guy} look in his eyes.
Sherman has a deranged crazy brat look in his...

There were others.
This is a good documentary.
Andy's daddy's family was not even in the United States when the Civil War happened.
People in my family fought in this war, in the South, on both sides of my family, one of
them--as listed in the US Census data--was in illiterate mulatto.
All of this is fun to watch to me.
It makes me want to do research. :)
I really don't have to, though.
I have already done it, or others have... I am off to bed.
Nighty Night..

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Bethany said...

Hey! We watched this too, last night... and I surely did notice the eyes on those people. Some were haunting, of the men who fought. How about that John Brown? Failed at everything in his life... but the one thing that changed our nation! That was remarkable.