Monday, May 2, 2011

Bloggy Fusion {moment}

This weekend,
at a wedding,
Bethany (borderland) and I got to hang out!
We had a great time, and our children had fun playing together too.
If we meet in person it has to be after an 8 hour drive that one of us has made.
So far she has been the one to make it,
her family lives here. :)

Hope you all made it back safely, Bethany!

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Bethany said...

Our picture is so cute!!!! We just got home. Whew. It was such a fun weekend - but quite fuzzy... :) I think I emptied a cooler all by myself Saturday! I loved seeing our kids run all around together. I will get around to my end of the bloggy fusion {SOON!} Your voice is so sweet in person, different from your digital voice, which has a clever sarcastic tone. HA!! ;-)