Tuesday, May 31, 2011

let's see...

This should be a bullet post.
I have lots to say, but as soon as it is in my head,
it is out again...

Two great commercials:
1. the one where the dog is dreaming about keeping up
with his bone and he runs it to the safety deposit box at a bank...
it is an insurance commercial. :)
the other one...well, it has escaped me now.

I am already tired of politics for the upcoming election.
For the freaking record people, the republicans put a president in office...
{think Reagan, and G dubs} and the guy runs up massive amounts of debt..
Think the 80s and the budget deficit, and think...well, what GW did...
it's the truth...How this leads to them being thought of as fiscally conservative,
I would love to know... Good lord!!
Now everyone thinks that one president later it's all gonna be fixed..
They aren't all Bill Clinton, that magic ain't gonna happen again,
Remember how when Bill was in office he got rid of all the debt, remember workfare etc.????
Does anyone else remember all of this??
To be honest, I am beginning to think they are all just dishonest creeps...
uggh...so sad.

Oh! which brings me to...
What anyone surprised by his whole love baby thing?
Is that even news...really?
He is a freaking meat head looking dude anyway..
I mean I wonder if he is even smart at all...
And to bring it full circle..look
how California's economy faired under his
republ!can administration....

I wanted to post about being at the beach with my sister...way fun.
BUT the pictures she emailed me will not put themselves up here..
What is up with that?
They just will not.
The computer will not allow it.
We had fun at the beach, though.
it was awesome (the new word to mean great, among the Kindergarten set btw).

bueno, y good night.
I am off to read, now.
My oldest kids are sleeping with me.
Which means I will be squished all night.
Elena is like a squirrel trying to snuggle into any where she can all night,
and V-man is always so hot, ,that he kicks away anything that could
be called covers and kicks and kicks and kicks...
Oh, and don't forget when Eva wakes up in the
middle of the night and wants some frosted flakes... ha!

Nighty night...

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Bethany said...

:) Hot. tired. yes - that is where posts go to be forgotten. I hope your squished snuggly night was restful! :)