Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have been outside all morning planting and weeding and raking and cleaning in the yard.
Now for the house...
I have enjoyed every minute of my peace outside {working}.

Now for a relaxing nap on the sofa with the phone off the hook...
Garden updates:
Tomatoes are happy, we have about 12 green ones out there.
Zinnias are happy, for the first time EVER.
I love zinnias and I have never gotten them to grow before.
This year they are so happy. ;)
Peppers are popping out, and the cucumbers
well, they are the bully of the garden, and they
want to climb all over everything else.
My bushes in the front yard are happy now that I have cleaned out all of the junk
that was all around them.
Yippie!  I love happy plants.

Here is what I might do:
Read Animal Vegetable Miracle again.
That could almost be an every summer book for me,
like the Count of Monte Cristo is.

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Bethany said...

That is exciting! And I agree about the book... some of it has stuck w/ me for good, but it's a good one to re-read. My mom quotes this part every time we talk about {fresh} veggies at the store: "They wiled away their youth in a boxcar..." Happy eating, all your fresh goodness!