Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WWMD? #1

This is our back porch.  This is the entry way to our house, as no one (well, actually one person,) EVER enters via the front door.
So on the back porch we have the piano, the computer, and the washing area.
We also have all of the bills and all of the junk mail...and let's play {I SPY}
We have a doll baby, a fork, a diorama, a backpack, as basket, some books, oh! and don't forget the {box}, b/c you know, in a house with five people--there is never a lack of random pasteboard boxes that
{need to be kept}.
Might as well be on the back porch, no?  That is what I say!
This spot is our catch all spot.
What Would {martha} say about all of this???  What would she do?
I bet she would take that Diorama and showcase it --she would probably also spell the word diorama correctly--I am almost positive that I have not. :)
She would probably grab up that pile of socks on the back of the PIANO (B/C THAT is where spare socks belong,no?) --She would take those, make a hard sock ball, and throw it at me.
I did eventually address this porch situation--like we have to do every four months or so, I will take pictures so that you can see how I have decided to organize this lovely area of my home.
This post is not as funny as I wanted it to be...
Maybe I will become more inspired as the summer rolls on, b/c there are plenty more posts like this
left...A PLENTY! :)


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

LOVE IT! And I feel like my whole house looks like that porch, there is just not enough room for us in this house...We had planned to be here for 2 years, just the 2 of 5 years and 2 kiddos later, we are STILL here with all our junk...But at least the end is in sight! Can't wait to see you on Friday....Give me your number...I have a new phone and have NO NUMBERS for anyone...Hope you had a great birthday, we will celebrate this weekend!!!!!

Bethany said...

Get to it! I tackle areas like this constantly, I fee like! One gets cleared, and another pops up. They breed in the night. Good luck!!! You need an IKEA near you, cheap, cute storage!

The Cake Dish said...

I thought we were the only ones who didn't use our front door. In the four years we've been in out house, we've only had 3 people ever go to the front. And every surface in our house looks like that more times than not...:). Bit Bethany is right, IKEA fixes everything! It has made a huge difference in our playroom!