Saturday, August 13, 2011

Una noche de celebracion

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Take a listen--if it is not up here, try this  Click on the link.
You tube is being difficult this A.M.--or maybe I just do not know what I am doing...

I hope this video puts itself up here.
I am thinking that the code looks a little short.
It is a song from the Putamayo CD latin lounge.
Last night we all went out to celebrate a birthday, and we danced and
danced.  The band was all over the place, and played all kinds of music.
It was great.
The birthday girl stuck to one style of dancing, but danced to EVERY SONG. :)
So I was the DD for birthday girl and her husband.  Andy was at home in bed
after working all day, and preparing for work today.
I had a peaceful little moment with this song, just my headlights shining in the dark
on the curvy dump road...
Sonyando. :)

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