Saturday, September 10, 2011

So this is how you make it...

Beer Margaritas,
And Morgan THIS IS FOR YOU!! :)
Get a frozen limeade from the concentrated frozen juices, dump into pitcher,
fill the limeade can with tequila, then dump four beers into the mix.
Sound gross?
We are enjoying them now, after five couples came to eat..with all their children.
So there were ten adults, and 11 children...lots of food, and a double recipe of
Beer Margaritas.  The beer
margaritas were served in this:
You can find one on Classic Hostess dot
Com....I just bought one for myself! :)
Go make some soon! :)


Morgan said...

YUMMMMM! Cannot wait to try these Sus!!!!!

Bethany said...

YUM! Will try :) DId you have a little carport par-tay?

Susan said...

yes. :) We had a car port Party! It was very fun...five couples and ll children running wild in the yard (the kids).

Jenn@TheCakeDish said...

Ok, I have that drink dispenser and Margaritas are my most favorite drink ever, but... The beer is weirding me out a bit. Does it matter what kind you use? I want to give these a try!

Susan said...


It does not matter what kind of beer. Just four of whatever, which, I think I will pick Michelob Ultra! (very light). There is ABSOLUTELY NO TASTE OF BEER. It is amazing, and I am going to trick my mother in law with these (she hates beer). :)