Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Snuggles

This is my snuggle bug.
There is still a little bit of baby there, but it is fading fast! :(
I try to pretend that she is still a baby--I mean, her hands are still chubby on the tops...
She can also, pour her milk into her cereal (from a small cup),
She can pee the potty,
She can feed herself--and look for snacks,
She can {read} da book--and care for her own {baby}.
She can say ASPARAGUS! for goodness sakes, and help me break it when we cook.
She totally gets it when I tell her that "I cannot hold you right now I have to ___ {fill in this with whatever}"
She weighs close to 30 lbs...

She will always be my baby...
That's the thing with the {baby} I suppose.
She knows it too...

1 comment:

Bethany said...

No! Not all those things, not yet!! When did she get so grown?? The littlest has to stay little longer... boohoo... I realized it yesterday when Phoenix said with perfect diction: "Something is scratching me inside my shirt. I think it's a tag." I stared at him, like, where is my baby?!
Kisses to your sweet E. She is so cute.