Sunday, November 27, 2011

For Morgan

This was Eva yesterday
in the afternoon after we discovered that her our clips from Ms. Morgan had
arrived in the mail, and
before she decided to wear at least three more at one time.
I bought them for Eva and Elena, however, Eva is still learning about the she did so reluctantly, and I would not bet that Elena got
to have her choice...
Morgan's clips are gorgeous!!
We lub dese pincess hayah tips!
We really do!
Here is a link to her etsy shop....
do y'all think I can linky link???
Let me see if this works...
hee hee
Okay, now these clips are great--they are not home-madey looking.
Very cute!!

Thanks Morgan, I am going to order more.
Elena likes them too. :)


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I am glad they liked them, yippeee! Love ya girlie!

Bethany said...

SO cute! And i love your Eva voice :) The clips are cool, are they like bottle caps?

Susan said...

Yes. Bethany. Some of them are made with bottle caps. BUT the bottle caps have been flattened? They are flat anyway, and the look really pretty, not sticky uppy etc.