Saturday, November 19, 2011

{I} Wishes...

Something has piqued my interest...
Namely, {I} things...
You know, I Pod, I Pad, I touch etc.
We have an I Pod, and recently I signed up to take a class
about using the I Pad in speech therapy, and ways to do this etc.
I am going to an all day class!!
So then, my boss has said that and I Pad for work is a
definite possibility (talk about an oxymoron).
So then my wheels started to turn...
and turn..
I am having these {I},
"If I like it, I might get myself one too, or ask my mama and daddy for one for
my birthday..."
Just things like that.
Mind you, we hardly ever touch the I-Pod--but really,
I have a feeling the I pad is much different.

Oh! And was anyone able to listen to the music--by venturing off alone to
try to figure out what in the world I was trying to present on this blog in the
first place...
Did anyone?
It was good music.
That Friday night song is sooooo funny to me!

Happy Weekend!

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