Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some good Pictures...and a story?

These pictures are not really related to one another.
One is of the hayride that we took the other weekend when we ventured out of town
to visit friends in Alamance County (where we used to live).
The other is of one day when Elena said to me, "mama, i want to cut some Zinnias for you, can i?"
The other is of the day when Elena got to read to her class as student of the week.
Her teacher this year is the old timey kind.
I am just loving this year, first grade.  Things are so different.  She can read!!!
She enjoys reading!!  She is very quiet, and shy.  They had to really work so that she would read out loud to her classmates.  You could have heard a pin drop in that room.  The children were so respectful of her time, and I was very proud.  Elena's teacher's assistant is a true gem as well.  She really loves her students, and she is affectionate with all of them.  According to her, Elena has really opened up, and she just has a great day each day.  She talks, and shares...  This makes me happy for Elena, and for her teachers too.
I have always said, about {shy} people, the ones who really get to know them, are the lucky ones...
they only open up for some people..I know this first hand...;).
Today I was in car hell.
Yes.  That's right.  We spent the A.M. in the car place trying to get mine fixed.
Then we (Elena and I) went to a birthday party of a little girl in her class.
Then we (the whole bunch of us) went to an oyster roast--the first one of the season!!
Full day, now I wish for a calm tomorrow. :)

Good night!

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Bethany said...

So sweet! I agree, 1st grade is awesome. I'm proud she read in front of class - that is hard!