Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Depression--from atop the Taco box

This is what I think our economy is in.
Granted --I have no degree in economics, and granted
I never went to the {B} school...
BUT--this economy is in a depression.  On the news I watch they keep saying...
double dip recession or something...when did we ever go out of the {dip}?
Today at school they told us that in the coming year our county,
which is a poor county by any stretch of the word, faces a
1.8 million dollar shortfall in the coming year.
Want to know the clever acronym that solves the budget problem?
RIF --Reduction in Force
That means that in order to balance the budget next year
it is looking like they will have to get rid of positions--not
through the means of attrition, sino, by telling
actively employed people that they no longer have a
Where would 1.8 million dollars even come from?
Well, let's see...88% of our children eat breakfast and lunch for
{free} everyday.
Now, we all know there is no such thing as free lunch.
So what if parents were responsible for sending their children
to school with some food to eat??? Hell that would not work!!
I forgot, unless they eat at school--many of the children at my school do not get fed.
We have to send them home with backpacks of food that they can make themselves
so they will eat over the weekend--no joke..
What about all of the {free} --government paid for--cell
phones you see ads for??
What if those were cut?
Cell phones are not a necessity...
They simply are not.
I could think of many more, but I would go on and on...
Instead of standing on the soap box tonight I stood on my taco
box to get all political..and it is starting to cave in.
So, I guess i am finished, however, I will see that the state of the economy, combined
with the people I work with each day--how very terribly they treat the product of sexual intercourse--
AKA {their children},
can get pretty depressing...I am pretty sure the U.S. .or (Amerka) as everyone so proudly calls it now..
is going to end up like a place...say Haiti...That is what I see all around me...broke as hell, uneducated people, who really don't care, as long as they can get their nails did, hair did, and f*c@.  Did I really just type that???
Sure wish I could think of some wonderful plastic item I could hawk, and make millions...
or maybe we should all go out and buy lots of lottery tickets!!
That could solve all the problems at once, no?


Bethany said...

Oh no! That is sad and depressing... especially the meal part. :( NC should get a lottery. I know it's a hot-button issue... but we get good school perks from lotto money, and a local 1% sales tax. Of course, another hot topic! But who complains when that {evil} tax goes to feed school lunches for the free lunch kids?? And to keep teachers on staff when budgets are cut? No one. The evil tax gets voted "yes" on year after year, in this majority conservative cty. Sad for BeauCo...

Susan said...

We have a lottery Bethany. ;).
So sad, indeed...
When there is no money, there is no money...
Thus, the depression...{redux} ;).