Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

 I will start from the very beginning (every time I say that, I think of Julie Andrews singing!).  Victor was Joseph in his pre-K pageant!! Be still my heart! :)
 On Wed. when we got out of school early, I brought Yineth, Collin, and Suzie home and we played and cooked for a couple of hours.
 Friday night my Sister and her family were at our house and we ate yummy steaks that Andy grilled.
This is Lara's husband picking on her.
 This is a bunch of wild kiddies and their tongues after eating candy canes!--They cracked up about this picture.
 This is Christmas Eve night before we went to church.
And this picture shows this AM with my parents and our WONDERFUL Christmas day breakfast of country ham on biscuits, scrambled eggs, grits, and for my mama and me {mimosas}. ;)

Merry Christmas bloggy friends.
I am off to read one of my new books! {yippie}


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Great pics!

Bethany said...

Look at you being all pro blogger with your pictures where they go, and details too! :) These are all so cute, what a fun family. V in the play? SWEET.