Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm in love with an island...

 Luis came yesterday and put the tile on my island!  There is no grout yet.  Isn't it the best!?? :)
It still lacks the three stools I picked out to go with it--those are being paid for in installments.
hmm hmm... :)  I have one more left to pay, and then I can pick them up.  Stools are expensive btw..
Never knew this until I took my trip to the furniture store to pick some out.  If you want to buy some that are made in China of particle board--they might not be that much.  If you want the ones made in Amerka and finished in N.C.--they are pricier.  I am sort of a "you get what you pay for" person..and also will probably keep the same stools forever (I am my mama's child).
 So last night Mr. Luis came to put the tile on my island!
My children--and Andy were enthralled.  It is fun to watch someone who knows what they are doing.
I asked Luis if this makes him nervous..he said--nah!  So Luis had to do a bit of creative placement to avoid having to cut of 1/16 of an inch from both sides of the tile--he and Andy figured a way to avoid that cutting.
So this meant careful and meticulous placement of the tile...
I kept saying to him, "I don't care Luis--it is fine, trust me, it is fine...I am not picky--"  I could not find the word for picky in Spanish, so I asked him how to say it...He did not know either!  He is a Spanglish speaker, and picky works for him now.
I thought...particular (my mom uses that..."don't be so particular"--they are cognates...then I thought..fastidiosa--that means bothered/bothersome--bothered might work...I could not come up with a good word..I will have to ask Camelia--I bet she will say, "picky."

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Bethany said...

Ooh, it looks GREAT!!! That is so exciting. Yep, you will have stools that last and last... We waited and got good ones too, and they have not the slightest wobble after all this wear and tear. Can't wait to to see the complete finished product!