Saturday, February 4, 2012

Run around....

So, this morning, Andy is mad!
Andy really does not get mad that often...and when he does--well, it is impressive b/c
he is usually very calm.
The reason:
oh...think back to the auto accident I recently had.
Now, think of the most convoluted process you can {POSSIBLY IMAGINE}.
Then, know that that is what I am dealing with.
We have always used the same insurance company.
We have never had to deal with anyone from there with a wreck situation.
So there.
Now we have, and let's just say...we are {not} in good hands. ;).

It really makes me wonder--what is the point of having a local guy be
an insurance agent.
What is the point of his lovely little brick building up on 15th st.?
Since this wreck happened he has NOT DONE ONE THING!!!
Andy had to take my car to a different little brick building IN GREENVILLE to have it inspected.
Last Saturday a lady called me FROM RALEIGH, to record a statement, and then
my {claims agent} --also in RALEIGH has not even listened to the recorded
statement--nor has she bothered to get the police report.
So, ask yourself--did she have her ducks in a row yesterday when
I talked to her and she informed me that the girl who hit me
does in fact have insurance..and they say that the wreck was {my fault}...and
"do I want to just go ahead and accept liability?"--even though
they have not heard my recorded statement--nor have they
solicited the wreck report from the Greenville P.D?????


Now, I did call our local girl up yesterday...oh, ,yeah...
a little Morgan sneaked out too..
I told her--I am so mad right now, I can hardly get a good breath...
and then I told her...I am just wondering why I have had to talk to four different people
--none of whom work in your office, and why THIS IS SO CONVOLUTED!!

Andy is really upset...yeah..
But I told know what--the truth is the truth...
She came out of her lane--and sideswiped my car..SHE HIT ME!!
So, it was her fault--
And you know what else--people lie--and they get out of stuff..
So, you know is Saturday, and we are not going to worry about this today.

We will think about this again on Monday--
When {I think} he is going to go in the lovely brick building on 15th st.
and give them the what for.
AND--when Andy has to do that--I love it...It works so much better when
he does it!! {Yippie}!

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Bethany said...

Go Andy, go!!! That is one aggravating hot mess. We've had similar {not in good hands} issues and it is wacky. We pay every month for no service when we need it! XO, good luck!!