Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boss lady

So I witnessed the funniest thing today after school.
We had all done our quehaceres--chores--after school.
V-man had his well {man} visit, and we retrieved food and children from
hither and yon.
We kissed and hugged Daddy--and off to work!
Then, we were all outside.
Our outside buddies are the neighbors three boys.
I teach with their Aunt, and their mama and daddy are sweet.
The boys are very sweet. and nice and mannerly, and all older than our children..but
they still want to play outside. (great, I say!! Isn't innocence, and fresh air so sweet?)
So, they come over and play in the afternoons.
Play equals...ride bikes, roam in woods, beat on stuff with know..
typical childrens' activities.
So, today I sat at the picknik table and watched.
They were all in swimsuits.
Eva is particularly in {love} with wearing her bikini with the butterfly and ruffles.
It is a hand me down from her Nay Nay.
Here is what I saw:
When Eva Lou tired of having the water hose sprayed in her vicinity, she steadily and readily
climbed down from the trampoline via the plastic chair, and TURNED OFF THE WATER.
when it was turned back on...Guess who was in {charge}....
What a hoot!
there were four other children playing.
They ranged in age from 10 to 5--she is two!!
She told Matthew, the neighbor's child, "you get back Matthew, or you will
get a spanking!"
I cracked up!
Brazen is the word to describe {her}.
Little Rascals is the word to describe the whole crew!


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Bethany said...

I LOVE IT!! This cracked me up, little E in charge! The youngest ones know how to get things done, I hear ya. Haha, beat things w/ a stick - isn't that exactly it! Our street full of kids, tromping around with sticks, too. Universal kidhood. :)