Monday, July 23, 2012

All Aboard!!

The speed train that is called, "summer vacation."  Hold on tight, folks--we are going to be travelling at lightening speed.  Get ready to:
take kiddies to swim practice each day,
play outside
go to swim meets
carve watermelon
eat peaches
eat cherries
make supper (or go to Grandma's)
watch fun kid shows (Justin Silver's dogs of NYC and wipeout)
carve another watermelon
take a quick roadtrip
Are you still holding on?
Do all of that some more--but do not forget to take a breath.
Breath in that hot, summer air.
Oh, and don't forget to enjoy that luke warm bath water river...
it doesn't last long on the Summer speed train...
It just whizzes by!! whoosh...
Oh, and throw in some jumping on the trampoline,
tinkering in the garden--those plants bake {fast} in the boiling summer sun...
you might even pull some weeds out if you are super fast!
boat rides,
catch some fish,
rain storms,
thunder storm watching
more pool
more river...
Still holding on!??
I hope so, b/c soon those
familiar tugs start to ground us and our Summer train ride will grind to a screeching halt!
We will start to think...
Is that bathing suit too little?  Already?
Could I see you growing?
Did I even have a chance to relax and be
alone?  and {relax}--do they have that car on the Summer speed train?
When did those little freckles pop up?
Did we get {enough} of those fresh peaches? watermelon?  did I buy every cherry that I could??
tug, tug, tug...
Which backpack do you want?
Oh, that one is your favorite!  okay--Who will your teacher be?
Our fast, wonderful train ride of Summer and fun will come to an end, and I think
I will be wondering...
Would a slower train be better?  It that an option?

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Bethany said...

You are so cute... this made me grin. Chugg-a-chug!!