Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If I get...

any lazier, and used to hanging out all day...Well, I just don't know!!
It is rainy here today and we are all just meandering around the house.
So. Nice.
Also, being lazy gives me anxiety--like--I know there are things I {should be doing}
BUT every summer at this time I just {freeze up}.
I begin to read books continuously and just sit around and stare and watch lots of TV etc.
It is b/c the curtain is being drawn on my summer vacation and I think, in some ways, I am
trying to just be as {lazy as possible} before I have to get cranked up into high gear again.
So this week I am going to:
Organize two closets, go to my old school and get my stuff out, and
well, I probably will not do any of that! :) ha!
We just got back from the beach where we enjoyed every second of a vacation.
V-man's highlight was being allowed to ride the go cart by himself (pictures to come soon).
He got to drive it!!
Eva's highlight was ...who knows??
Elena's...she says she does not know.
Everyone enjoyed swimming in the calm, warm ocean.
I enjoyed watching the olympics and cheering for Michael Phelps.
I will post pictures of the adventures soon.

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