Friday, August 10, 2012

Two things I am sure of

1.  Murphey's oil soap is my favorite scent in the world!! I use it to clean my hardwood floors about three times a year (that is all you are supposed to do it or they will ruin) and, well, I LOVE IT...!!

2.  Skinny jeans are the worst fashion trend EVER!! They really only look good on stick figure ladies--and how many of those do we even see around any more??  I mean I hardly ever see stick figure ladies ...
If you have the apple body then they sag on your butt
If you have the pear body--well that is a disaster...can we say sausage casings??
All together now. Sausage. Casings.
Another problem--they do not feel good when you wear them...
Just putting on a pair makes me sweat and they get mid-way up my calves and I just have to
abort the mission of encasing myself...
Forget fashion.
When men wear them--that is just so dumb-looking... I am sorry--but it sucks!!
Has anyone seen the commercial where the dad comes out of the dressing room in a pair of skinny jeans
and asks how they look?
Skinny Jeans need to go the way of the Do Do bird--they need to go away and never be revisited.
Oh, and another problem with this trend....they sag in the crotch???
eww...How does that look good...--that looks like a baby with a filled up diaper to me
or the other option in camel toe..and that is just plain inappropriate.

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Bethany said...

Hey! True! I only wear skinny jeans with tall boots, tunic top. The End. Haven't seen a stick figure lady anywhere lately! Bye skinnies.