Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just because I figured this out...{maybe}

Yay! Yay! Yay!
I sure hope this works.  Since my cousin took this video it has been worrying me.  I guess I am sort of a dinosaur with some technological advances, and I have this idea that my stuff is {stuck} in certain does not matter which place, but the stuff might be {stuck} there.  For example, some things I cannot upload to Walgreen's--this bugs me if I want to put it on a calendar.  Or, somethings are stuck in facebook...
or in a folder in an unknown spot on my computer...
But then, sometimes when there is an extra hour--I have a chance to figure the stuff out...
and at least I can still do that!
I mean we were talking about typing class today-Elena is learning to type in second grade, and
we were explaining that we took typing in highschool..and we used word processors!! ha!  type
writers!!-they do have a frame of reference for this b/c my Mama still uses an old timey type writer.
If they go near it she goes nuts..ha ha!!
Did you know that they no longer teach cursive writing in many schools?  That's right..and if one does not learn to write it, will one be able to read it??? {very interesting} day some linguistics nerd
will spend time trying to decipher all of this script we have been jotting down for millienia...
nah..I bet a robot will do it faster.

So check out my technological breakthrough, bloggy buddies...I unstoled my foto from f-book and put it wherever I wanted it. ;)

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