Thursday, December 20, 2012


a la 21st century, Hill family!
You are going to love the use of cable t.v.!
You will wonder HOW IN THE WORLD have we lived without the
absolute wonder of over 70 channels???
You will so enjoy using the cell phone, oh yes, it is a handy, dandy
little tool...
At any moment you might be summoned by any ole
somebody who {needs} you right then!
Marvelous, truly Marvelous!

Lowdown:  The t.v. antenna stopped serving its purpose...
We go tired of all the little times when a cell phone would have
come in handy...
U.S. cellular's deal was a good one...

So in we went--two new bills to pay!
1.  cell phone
2.  cable.

Our children have been in a trance all afternoon!

Oh, and the cable guys came out to do the hook up
and Andy and I both agree that they are an interesting lot!
That would be an interesting anthropological study...
The subset of the population that is the Cable guy--
Oh, someone made a movie about that, right?
Very nice they were--and very interesting in their tales to tell,
and mannerisms...

So, now I will have to depart from the back porch and the joy of the computer screen
to go and watch cable t.v.!  {yippie}

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