Saturday, December 8, 2012


So far this Christmas season we have just been having fun.
The older children get, the more fun parents can have! :)
This year, I got all the shopping completed the FIRST weekend of November.
I was by myself.
I had my new paycheck.
I had coupons, and lists.
So, since all of the {goods} are safely stuffed in their temporary
closet homes, I can just relax, and wrap them at my leisure. :)
So, this has left me to:
1.  Help with fotos con Santa-for Church fund raising
2.  Have a cookie party for the little girls--Elena and Eva's buddies (this was super-fun!)
3.  Go to see Disney on Ice with all three kids yesterday!! --Maybe the highlight of my Christmas??
That is left to be determined.
4.  Da la vuelta around the Southpoint Mall in Durham yesterday...which is one of my
favorite pass times of all --EVER!

Here is photographic evidence of all the fun--so far:

I am trying to instill in my children a love of the mall--this is all in my best self-interest, of course. ;).
We played in P. Barn, we rode the escalators (this is BIG TIME FUN if you are raised in
Beaufort county btw--more on that later), we ate fro yo, they played "house" in every store we went in,
they threw the bean bags that are used to hold down boots (this got me semi-promt service).
Since I really don't have more money to spend, and since all my shopping is essentially complete, we just enjoyed the aesthetics of the mall.
It even snowed there y'all!! --which my kids totally fell for--even though some lady who was walking just
ahead of us felt the need to point out that it was coming from the mall cop and his machine who were
perched overhead --OM... could you please put a stocking in it, oh dear one with an uncontrollable need
to torch the imaginations and gullibility of my completely delighted children???
I gave her the "shuT the h*l! up stank eye" look..
So, you might notice a lack of Andy in these pictures, that is b/c he has been working all the time!!
He did put the tree up with us last Saturday and he did watch "It's a Wonderful Life" with me
last Saturday night. :)

More fun is yet to happen!  We still have two big family get-togethers, and the actual Christmas festivities!!
Bring it on!

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Anonymous said...

That looks so much fun! I want in for the Christmas Cookie party next year!!

I am soo behind on my shopping. I will post soon