Friday, December 28, 2012

Okay, it came to me!

It occurred to me that I have been able to post pictures from Elena's I-pod touch, so I thought, what is different with my I-Pad??
The difference is that I did not have the blogger app installed!
So here are some Christmas pictures:
Now I am not sure how they are going to put themselves into the post.
They are all situated down at the bottom right now. :)

We have had a wonderful break!
Right now Andy is making some bacon and pancakes and I am chilling with HGTV, my cold, and the I-Pad.

Here are the toys the kids wanted for Christmas:
Victor wanted and got a basketball goal.
Elena wanted, and got, a car for her Julie doll.
Eva wanted, and got, a bike that she could ride her baby on.
The bike has a baby seat!
She wanted a princess bike, but the one {Santa} brought was Lalaloopsy.
The Princess bikes do not come with baby seats.
So when she threw a little fit, I just let her know that Santa has a pick up
time--he comes back around and gets things that might have been
disappointing--he has pick up times on Christmas day at 12:30 and
2:30--I just have to call him, don't worry Eva!
Boy, did she change her mind once I announced this pick up time!
I also told her that Santa does not bring a replacement toy. ;).

Victor's favorite has been the remote controlled helicopter that Grandma
brought. He loves it!! I love the look of delight on his face!!
Andy also loves this one, so we have sent Grandma in search of another one!
Sharing can be hard.... even at 36! ;).

So this year is wrapping up, and I must say that it has passed en un rato!
What a blur!
This year we are looking forward to
1. Andy starting school to get his master's degree
2. Basketball season in the Winter
3. A birthday party for Elena in a very fun location!
4. Summer will bring swim team again--with the best coach ever!, Coach Spencer.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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Bethany said...

Yay for {Santa magic}!! Happy kids, excellent! We make bacon & french toast for happy family meal. ;-) Good work sleuthing out that photo issue. The many types of technology make my brain hurt... XO